Nutritional Centers

We have 3 Nutritional Centers located at Anapra, Conquista & Pavo Real

In 1996, Dr. Marco was led by the Lord to seek the needs in the different colonias west of Juarez. While he was driving around, he saw homes made of cardboard boxes with many malnourished children running around. At that moment, the Lord impressed on his heart to make burritos and pass them out to the children in the streets. On a cold winter morning, with the help of some teenage girls that had lived in those conditions prior to their arrival at Casa De Esperanza Children’s Home, we set off to feed the children with 300 burritos and a warm drink. As a result of continuing the “meals on wheels” ministry for the children, God provided a piece of land right in front of where we would park the van to feed the kids. A year later, we were able to build the first multi-purpose Nutritional Center. By the grace of God, we eventually built three Nutritional Centers-one in each of our campuses in the colonias.

This ministry gives us an opportunity to not only provide the kids with a warm meal, but also to share with them the love that our God has for each and every one of them.

In 2022, 2,000 children were fed daily through our Nutritional Centers.

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